You’ll Be Surprised By These 30 Old Photos from Grocery Stores

Have you ever walked through the grocery store aisles and spotted someone who looked like they just rolled out of bed? I mean literally in their pajamas. Or perhaps you have been the culprit of this fashion crime. Well, it was not always this way.

We collected a series of vintage photographs that take you through different grocery stores across America over history, and it’s safe to say these store-goers would never be caught dead in their pajamas. Strutting around in the latest fashions of their time, it is only one of many ways grocery stores have changed. From wider aisles and more elegant stores to small homegrown businesses, these photos reflect eras long past.

Take a look at all the photos below!


#1 Country Store on Dirt Road. Note the Kerosene Pump on the Right and the Gasoline Pump on the Left. Brother of Store Owner Stands in Doorway. Gordonton, North Carolina, 1939

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