USA’s Top 5 Ugliest Buildings

There is plenty of breathtaking architecture to be found in the United States, but unfortunately, every building can’t be a winner. When it comes to ugly buildings, we’ve got everything from the depressingly boring to the truly bonkers.

Today, we’re taking a look at the worst building that each state has to offer. These will leave you scratching your head and wondering why anyone would pay to make them a reality. Would you like to see these replaced with something more beautiful?

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EMP Museum, Seattle

Some call it Seattle’s most iconic building, others its ugly duckling. Well, it’s not easy to decide who’s right. EPM or the Experience Music Project Museum was founded in 2000 by Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates. The museum is allegedly supposed to look like the pieces of a smashed guitar, but I’m not sure if I see it.

Don’t let the museum’s unusual façade discourage you from entering since it usually hosts some of the coolest exhibitions in the city.

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Kettle House, Galveston

If you ever come to Texas close to the Gulf Of Mexico shoreline, don’t forget to stop at 14108 San Luis Pass Road in Galveston. What you will find is a strangely shaped metal structure. Very little is known about it, but it’s believed that this house was built by a man who was employed as a storage tank builder for oil companies.

The most interesting fact is that it was strong enough to withstand one of America’s costliest hurricanes, Ike.

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Hirshhorn Museum, Washington

Joseph Hirschhorn was an immigrant Jewish boy who showed the world that with intelligence, determination, and little bit of luck, everything is possible. Thanks to his observation skills and great ability to adapt, this young Lithuanian boy became a successful stockbroker and made $168,000 by the time he was 17 (on his initial investment of $250). Later on, he continued to work his way up and earned millions in the mining and oil industry.

The Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden was established in 1966. The circular building was designed by Gordon Bunshaft and has received many negative reviews such as “The largest doughnut in the world.”

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AT&T Central Office, Houston

Who on Earth would build a house without windows? AT&T! This building is anything but attractive; however, the reason behind its horrible design is pretty understandable. The building is said to have no windows because it reduces the probability of dust getting into the building and creating problems with the equipment, it helps keep the area cool to prevent damage to servers, and it also reduces the damage caused by possible natural disasters.

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The former Department of Employment Security Building in Concord, New Hampshire

This building looks like the worst brick-laying job we’ve ever seen. And considering how the windows are arranged, it seems like the designer was actively trying to prevent natural light from reaching those inside.

The building officially opened for business in 1974, and interestingly enough, it’s not the most infamous building the architects behind it ever designed. That distinction goes to their design work for the laboratory where the first atomic bombs were tested in Los Alamos. Although it may be ugly to look at, at least this building won’t give you radiation poisoning.

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  1. Yes, all ugly except for Kettle house, which is intriguing. Boring architecture such as much of the International Style of Mies VanDerohe is even worse.