These 20 Photos From the Groovy Era Tell Incredible Stories

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Farrah Fawcett as Holly in the 1976 film Logan’s Run

We don’t really think of Farrah Fawcett when we think of Logan’s Run, the science fiction film that said if you’re too old then it’s time to go. Most of the film follows a former Sandman played by Michael York who goes on the run after deciding that he wants to see old age, but Fawcett is in there and she looks absolutely amazing.

Fawcett has a kind of blink and you’ll miss her performance, it was the last time she’d have one of those. She plays an assistant to a plastic surgeon and she’s oh so out of this world with her perfectly feathered hair. Under the studio lights she’s practically glimmering with star power.

It’s strange to think that in the same year as Logan’s Run was released, Fawcett would shoot to superstardom as one of the leads on Charlie’s Angels.

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