These 20 Photos From the Groovy Era Tell Incredible Stories

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alyssa Milano rehearsing on set of the film Commando

First of all, Commando absolutely rips. What other movie can you see Arnold Schwarzenegger throw a phone booth in the middle of a busy mall (while it’s being used)? With a young Alyssa Milano in the middle of the action? That’s Commando, baby.

This 1985 action film could have just been another 80’s shoot ’em up, but there’s a spark of life within the film that you don’t get in similar films from the era. According to everyone who worked on the film it was a great time, but Alyssa Milano remembers the experience as a formative one in her early career… even if the film left her with some bumps and bruises. She said:

We had a great time. I was 11, with pink high tops and a really bad perm, and Arnold was super-fun. He was always trying to help me with my algebra homework. There was one bad moment, though, during the scene where bad guys gun down our house. Arnold was supposed to come through the door holding me, then lay me down on the floor. But he tripped over, fell on top of me and I cracked a rib.

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