These 20 Photos From the Groovy Era Tell Incredible Stories

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Young and beautiful Victoria Principal, from the early 80’s

Thanks to her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on Dallas, Victoria Principal will forever remain in our hearts. She was on the series for nine years, which is a lifetime for most performers. And while most actors would feel the need to move on and stretch their muscles, she loved working with the cast and crew, and by the end of the series she says that they were all more like family.

Principal says that she knew the series was going to be a hit from the moment that she read the first script, but she wasn’t sure how she was going to be on set until she met her co-star Patrick Duffy. It was his kindness that made her realize Dallas was the place she wanted to be for the long run:

I remember looking up at [executive producer] Lenny Katzman as he leaned outside the car door giving us direction and thinking that I trusted him and would do my best to please him. I remember looking at Patrick when he did not know it and thinking, ‘this is a nice person.’ And that made falling into his arms and [our scenes] that day so much easier and natural.

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