These 20 Photos From the Groovy Era Tell Incredible Stories

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Jerry Hall, Debbie Harry and Paloma Picasso sharing secrets at Studio 54, 1978

Studio 54 was once in a lifetime place, the kind of all night party where people from all walks of life could rub shoulders and meet on the dance floor. This photo shows just how all encompassing the scene really was. Not only was Debbie Harry from Blondie to be found on the dance floor, but if you found her you could find model Jerry Hall and Paloma Picasso, the daughter of Pablo.

Even though Harry was one of the most photographed stars of the New York scene in the 1970s, she says that she wasn’t really at Studio 54 all that often. Usually, she says, it was for a very special occasions:

I don’t think I went there a lot – it wasn’t my scene. We were more downtown rockers. The time that I do remember [most] specifically was when Andy [Warhol] threw the party for Interview magazine. I was on the cover and I met Truman Capote – I was so starstruck I could barely talk.

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