These 20 Photos From the Groovy Era Tell Incredible Stories

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Lee Majors with Farrah Fawcett and ladies on The Six Million Dollar Man (1974)

Just the words “six million dollar man” make us think of Lee Majors leaping through the air accompanied by a futuristic sound effect. You can hear it to can’t you? The series was a classic, but at the time Majors didn’t think that it connected with anyone.

Majors says that he didn’t even know how popular the Six Million Dollar Man was until the show ended and he took a much needed vacation. He told Closer:

I took 10 years off and went to Florida. I just had to take a break and while I was there, I only did some small independent films. When I came back, I started doing a lot of independents and a lot of comedies… it was during those 10 years off that I realized how big The Six Million Dollar Man was, because I was free to travel around the world to different places, and it was amazing how many people would come up to you — total strangers in totally different cultures — just to say hello. It was very touching and amazing to me.

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