These 20 Photos From the Groovy Era Tell Incredible Stories

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Goodyear developed a tire in 1961 using mounted light bulbs in the wheel rim to make them glow in the dark, but never went into production

Now this is some serious groovy era ingenuity. In the ’50s and ’60, car companies were going out of their way to design something futuristic that was also made sense for people in the current era. They unwittingly created a kind of retro futuristic design that may not have survived the test of time, but it sure looks cool.

In 1962, Goodyear rolled out the “tire of tomorrow,” a light up tire made of neothane, a material that allowed the company to make tubeless, cordless tires that could be dyed to match the color of a car. Even more fascinating was the tire’s ability to glow when light passed through.

The tires were fitted with 18 light bulbs which were wired to the steering wheel. As cool as they looked they never went on sale.

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