These 18 Powerful Vintage Photos are Your Entertaining Dose for Today

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Margaret Hamilton standing next to her handwritten code that helped the Apollo 11 mission be a success in 1969

Pages and pages of code… all handwritten by computer scientist and systems engineer, Margaret Heafield Hamilton. Hamilton was Director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed on-board flight software for the Apollo space program. It was in 1986, she founded and became CEO of Hamilton Technologies, Inc. The company was developed around the Universal Systems Language based on her paradigm of Development Before the Fact (DBTF) for systems and software design.

In addition to code, Hamilton has published over 130 papers, proceedings, and reports about the 60 projects and six major programs in which she has been involved. For her work leading the development of on-board flight software for NASA’s Apollo Moon missions she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by U.S. President Barack Obama on November 22, 2016.

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