These 15 Vintage Photos Hide Bizarre Stories

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In 1974, 22-year-old Daniel Sorine took a photo of two mime artists performing in New York’s Central Park. In 2013, Daniel was looking through his negatives when he realized one of the mimes was Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a mime? Yep! Before he hit it big in television and movies, the funny man worked as a mime in New York’s Central Park. Photographer Daniel Sorine snapped a series of pics of Central Park mimes in 1974, but he didn’t realize that one of them would become one of Hollywood’s favorite leading men. In fact, it took Sorine 35 years to discover that he photographed Williams. Sorine said, “Central Park is a photographer’s paradise…what attracted me to Williams and his fellow mime, Todd Oppenheimer, was an unusual amount of intensity, personality, and physical fluidity.”

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