These 15 Vintage Photos Hide Bizarre Stories

Take a long look at these amazing, barely seen photos from the past… this is the only place that you’ll find snapshots that tell such rich stories.

These unseen photos show a layer of history that will astound you no matter what era you’re from. If you’re wondering what life was like during the Depression, or even the Edwardian era get ready to be amazed. We’ve collected shots of fads that have come and gone and come again, stars like you’ve never seen them before, and photos of life from more than a hundred years ago that will change your perceptions of the past.

History isn’t just black and white photos of old relatives… although those are cool too… it’s made up of strange stories and photos that may be too much for some viewers to take. If you think you can handle these unseen stories from the past then keep reading and don’t stop until you reach the final shocking photo.

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Daredevils Gladys Roy and Ivan Unger play tennis up high on a plane in 1925

Tennis? On an airplane? As impossible as this looks daredevils Gladys Roy and Ivan Unger actually played a game of tennis on the wings of a plane. Or at the very least they stood on the wings of a plane and hit a ball at one another. Known as “wingwalkers” and “barnstormers” these two daredevils regularly performed high flying stunts at events like state fairs and places where huge crowds could see things go wrong. According to reporting at the time the two men were hitting serves and volleys to one another which is absolutely mind boggling, and even though there was a pilot there was no umpire.

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