These 13 Rare Photos Tell Us Why the ’80s Were The Most Beautiful Years

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Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Perfect (1985)

The 1980s saw Jamie Lee Curtis take a new step in her career as she transitioned from scream queen to beauty icon. In the 1985  film Perfect she spends most of her time in tiny leotards while she acts out extremely saucy work out scenes. She told the Chicago Times:

They`re supposed to be substitute love scenes, but in a way the scenes are almost more pornographic than if I were naked. It`s my big disappointment [about the picture]. I think the scenes are held on too long. And because the point of them is held on and drilled home so hard, I think maybe if you saw [me] making love, it might be a little softer. When I asked about having them cut down, I was told that they already had been cut down.

There’s no bigger 80s icon than our next galactic beauty…..

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