Not All Heroes Wear Capes – 15 World War II Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of

When World War II is taught in schools and colleges, there are some names that pop up a lot. These include leaders like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, and generals such George S. Patton. But those are just a few names among millions.

An almost unthinkable number of people were involved in World War II. In fact, there are so many that the death toll is usually given in estimates: History says that between 45 and 60 million people died in the conflict, a number that includes the estimated 6 million Jews executed in the Nazi’s extensive network of concentration camps.

Britannica estimates that around 70 million soldiers took part in the conflict — that’s a lot of names. It’s also a lot of very quiet heroism and a lot of acts carried out by men facing some of the most horrific situations and scenarios imaginable. These men did what they had to do to get through and saved the lives of fellow soldiers and civilians along the way.

So, let’s talk about some names that you may not have heard before, but who are all attached to incredible stories that should not be forgotten.

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