Let These 15 Photos Speak About Our Shocking Past

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Michio Hoshino, a photographer well known for his photographs of dangerous wildlife, was mauled to death by a bear inside of his tent while on a shoot in 1996. Discovered on his camera, this is the last photo Michio would ever take.

Often compared to Ansel Adams, famed wildlife photographer, Michio Hoshino, had built a reputation for capturing images of dangerous animals in their natural habitats. The Japanese-born photographer had an affinity for Alaskan wildlife and spent a considerable amount of time in the state, shooting his impressive pictures. He was on assignment in Kurilskoye Lake, Russia, when the 44-year old photographer was mauled to death by a brown bear in his tent on August 8, 1996. After his tragic death, this image was found on Hoshino’s camera. The last picture the popular photographer ever took was a photo of his killer.

The next picture gives us a heads up about our past…..

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