Let These 15 Photos Speak About Our Shocking Past

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Jim Thorpe, a Native American from Oklahoma was representing the U.S. in track and field. On the morning of one of his competitions, his shoes were stolen and he found a pair in the trash.

Some have called him the greatest athlete who ever lived. Athletic prowess is one thing, but it was Jim Thorpe’s ability to adapt to any situation and his determination to overcome discrimination that makes him a true champion. A Native American from Oklahoma, Thorpe was often the target of discrimination and racism. Still, he was chosen to represent the United States in the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. Just before he was set to race, someone stole his shoes. No biggie. Thorpe dug through the trash and found two mismatched shoes to wear. One shoe was too big, so he put on a few extra socks on that foot until it fit. He went on to win two Gold Medals with those dumpster shoes, proving just how great an athlete he really was.

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