Let These 15 Photos Speak About Our Shocking Past

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Woman in a bathing suit standing on a surfboard, 1967

The native Polynesian people of Hawaii and other islands were accomplished surfers for hundreds of years, but the sport remained unknown to most of the world until 1885, when three Hawaiian princes, all in their teens, took a break for their boarding school studies to hang ten in Santa Cruz, California. Other beachgoers were enthralled. Throughout the 1900s, surfing grew in popularity up and down the Cali coast with people like George Freeth and Henry E. Huntington creating interest with their own surf antics. The 1959 film, “Gidget”, starring Sandra Dee, James Darren, and Cliff Robertson, helped to inspire girls to take up the sport of surfing, maybe even this young lady.

Next, is a tea break fit for royalty…..

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