18 Weird Inventions That Shocked The World

Somewhere between the greatest scientific breakthroughs and technological advances that transformed the world were some fun and sometimes even hilarious inventions that history has forgotten…

The Death Card

Mafia boss Joe Masseria lays dead on a Brooklyn restaurant floor holding the ace of spades, 1931.

A Curious Case

An exotic dancer demonstrates that her underwear was too large to have exposed herself, after undercover police officers arrested her in Florida.

Would You Ever Thank Al Capone?

Do you know who we have to thank for the expiration dates on Milk bottles? Surprisingly enough, it was the Notorious American Gangster, Al Capone.

This Picture from a Mental Asylum

This photo doesn’t have a date because sometimes abhorrent things still happen today. It’s actually from the 21st century and was taken in a modern mental

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