9 Most Unusual Protests In Human History

Protests have been around for ages, probably ever since the first form of authority and government has been instated. In fact, about 2,500 years ago in Ancient Rome, the roman peasant called Plebeians, went on strike as a protest against the harsh conditions and lack of rights. Another important protest movement took place in the 16th century, marking the start of Protestantism and the split of Protestantism from the Roman Catholic Church.

Unconventional colonial protests occurred in 1765, in response to the British Empire imposing a direct tax on the British colonies. The reviled law known as The Stamp Act paved the way for the future American Revolution.

History is full of such examples, of people fighting for their beliefs, protesting against injustice, abuse, and demonstrating for reforms and change. History has also witnessed its fair share of unconventional and downright bizarre protests and protesters. We’re here to tell you about 9 of the most bizarre protest movements in human history, that will leave you speechless. Check them out!

Kissing protests

Let’s start our journey into the world of strange protests with a kissing protest meant to raise awareness of discrimination, violence, and injustice against people who simply want to love and be loved. And what better way to express your support for love than through kissing?

People all across the globe have organized kissing protests throughout the years to call attention to the cruel and unfair treatment people have received for no other crime than expressing their love. In 2018, several groups of LGBT activists staged a locking lips protest outside the Uzbekistan consulate, in protest to the vicious and oppressive laws dominating central Asia. According to Vinny Amendolare of LGBT advocacy group Voices4 (via Vice), “our kiss-in could have gotten us imprisoned for years in other countries — not to mention extorted, tortured, and killed.”

In India, for instance, it is sinful and indecent to kiss in public. In a recent scandal, an Indian broadcaster showed an image of a couple kissing on television and 60 minutes later, there was a full-on riot in the street.

This prompted the Kiss of Love activists to stage multiple pro-kissing protests in multiple cities. According to USA Today, kissing protests occur quite frequently in many countries all over the world, including Morocco and Turkey.

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