9 Gruesome Things That Were Perfectly Normal a Century Ago

Sports were violent

People discovered new methods to keep themselves entertained in the 1920s, from listening to football games on the radio to attending boxing matches and watching men throwing punches and concussions into each other or animals ripping each other to shreds.

Cockfighting, for instance, became quite popular again in the 1920s, according to the White River Historical Quarterly, as well as dogfighting. Competitions between animals, between men and animals and the associated betting, could be found all over like New York City and San Francisco.

The traditional sports that involved human athletes, such as football or boxing, were also far more violent and bloody than what we are used to seeing on TV nowadays. Football players lacked essential protective equipment and boxers fought with their bare-knuckles, and for the most part, without any rules. Add to that, unlimited rounds, ending only when one fighter quit or the fight was stopped by police. During those times, more than 200 boxers died in the ring because of that.

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4 thoughts on “9 Gruesome Things That Were Perfectly Normal a Century Ago”

  1. China does that (child work abuse) TODAY and the Democratic Party, Entertainment Industry and Professional Sports ALLOW it to happen.

  2. Not sure we have improved much, drug use increased, killing fetus started, killing thousands of potential babies,
    alcohol use way up, highway deaths way up, now we have a pandemic killing thousands, wars killed thousands,
    world bad health and poor at all time high. R. Conn