9 Gruesome Things That Were Perfectly Normal a Century Ago

Woman medicine

Women’s medicine was downright scary

If you’re scared of going to the doctor nowadays, you don’t want to know how a medical visit looked like 100 years ago. Women had it even worse than men. Apart from not being able to enter medicine without numerous challenges, for too many years, they were also excluded from medical research, which probably went hand in hand with the unfathomable diagnoses and treatments that women would often receive.

For instance, here’s how a popular book instructed doctors in 1907 to prepare women for childbirth: “The hair around the genitalia should be cut short with scissors or shaved, scrubbed with hot sterile water, and bathed with bichloride solution.” In other words, wash their private parts with acid. Other medical information in those times included the fact that the womb is directly connected to the clitoris and that birth-related pain can be reduced by exerting pressure “with the fingers on the terminal filaments of the sympathetic nerves in and around” the womb. If you want to know how women were treated for hysteria, check out these 13 Most Bizarre Medical Treatments In Human History.

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4 thoughts on “9 Gruesome Things That Were Perfectly Normal a Century Ago”

  1. China does that (child work abuse) TODAY and the Democratic Party, Entertainment Industry and Professional Sports ALLOW it to happen.

  2. Not sure we have improved much, drug use increased, killing fetus started, killing thousands of potential babies,
    alcohol use way up, highway deaths way up, now we have a pandemic killing thousands, wars killed thousands,
    world bad health and poor at all time high. R. Conn