8 Baffling Things You Won’t Believe People Did 100 Years Ago

When Humvees had hooves

Soldiers going into battle on horses might seem strange today, when we have tanks, Humvees, Growlers and whatnot, but one century ago, the cavalry was pretty much alive and kicking, or should we say, alive and riding. As a matter of fact, during World War I, soldiers on horses were still sent by the British, French and Germans to reconnaissance and security missions. In the East, in countries such as Russia, the cavalry had an even greater role in battles.

However, as technology continued to develop and evolve, the cavalry was slowly but surely replaced by tanks and other military vehicles. Then something unexpected occurred. The United States deployed troops to Afghanistan and that’s when they realized tanks were not always the best match for the Afghan terrain. According to USA Today, the U.S. Marine Corps started using horses for their special forces who needed to move inconspicuously through difficult terrain. Mounted warfare for the win!

Something even more bizarre than what happened 100 years ago is the fact that today, the Pentagon has been investing around $62million (so far) for the design of a robotic mule. That’s one expensive set of hooves, wouldn’t you say?



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5 thoughts on “8 Baffling Things You Won’t Believe People Did 100 Years Ago”

    1. Did you know, Rita, that the mayor is defunding the police and St. Louis is beating Chicago in murder rate now?

  1. When I was a little girl

    When I was a little girl my mother made my costume, but that was before mothers worked outside the home. Mostly I went as a hobo or a clown.

  2. I started smocking in High school. I remember saying “they” can’t make American’s stop smoking. How can they enforce it ? LOL

  3. “The first orphanage in America was first opened in 1729 for white children”…
    Let’s be fair here, in America then there were practically nothing BUT white children. This sounds like it was established as a racist institution. I doubt the Indians were going to put their war orphans in the enemy’s care anyhow.