8 Baffling Things You Won’t Believe People Did 100 Years Ago

When cigarettes were used to treat asthma

By the looks of it, Doctor Oz was not the only doctor around to give bad advice. One century ago, doctors not only ignored the risks of smoking, but they also recommended cigarettes as a treatment for various medical conditions, including asthma.

Needless to say, smoking and asthma is a terrible combination, but doctorly-looking faces appeared in tobacco advertisements, praising smoking’s effects and claiming it offered a “temporary relief of paroxysms of asthma.” To further confirm tobacco’s positive influence, the so-called doctors used phrases such as “25,867 physicians” or “illustrious scientists” agree that smoking is just as good as drinking water.

Doctor-endorsed cigarette ads became a common practice employed by tobacco companies to convince people to continue buying cigarettes and disassociate their products from the concept of illness and dying. If the doctor says it’s ok to smoke, it must be, right?  By the early 1920s, however, it became a bit obvious that cigarettes might not be so beneficial, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that and the surgeon general said, “Hey, it turns out smoking is bad for you” and tobacco companies stopped using “doctors” in their ads

We now know that smoking is a public health enemy but it might be helpful to read more about these 7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Quit Smoking.

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    1. Did you know, Rita, that the mayor is defunding the police and St. Louis is beating Chicago in murder rate now?

  1. When I was a little girl

    When I was a little girl my mother made my costume, but that was before mothers worked outside the home. Mostly I went as a hobo or a clown.

  2. I started smocking in High school. I remember saying “they” can’t make American’s stop smoking. How can they enforce it ? LOL

  3. “The first orphanage in America was first opened in 1729 for white children”…
    Let’s be fair here, in America then there were practically nothing BUT white children. This sounds like it was established as a racist institution. I doubt the Indians were going to put their war orphans in the enemy’s care anyhow.