8 Baffling Things You Won’t Believe People Did 100 Years Ago

We live in an ever-changing world and what would be considered unusual today was a perfectly normal thing in the previous century. Once upon a time, we lived in caves and fought wild beasts to survive. Now, we live in smart homes and rely on smartphones to stay informed and connected to the rest of the world, occasionally tripping over things because we’re too wrapped up in technology and never look where we’re going.

The point is human beings have had to evolve and adapt, one way or another. But if we stop and compare what we are doing now to what people did in the past, we will surely make some baffling discoveries. The world used to be a weird place (not that it has ever stopped being weird) and habits that were once quite common might seem downright unusual to modern-day people. From wearing Halloween costumes on Thanksgiving to treating asthma with cigarettes, here are 8 baffling things you won’t believe people did in the past.

100 years ago was the time…

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5 thoughts on “8 Baffling Things You Won’t Believe People Did 100 Years Ago”

    1. Did you know, Rita, that the mayor is defunding the police and St. Louis is beating Chicago in murder rate now?

  1. When I was a little girl

    When I was a little girl my mother made my costume, but that was before mothers worked outside the home. Mostly I went as a hobo or a clown.

  2. I started smocking in High school. I remember saying “they” can’t make American’s stop smoking. How can they enforce it ? LOL

  3. “The first orphanage in America was first opened in 1729 for white children”…
    Let’s be fair here, in America then there were practically nothing BUT white children. This sounds like it was established as a racist institution. I doubt the Indians were going to put their war orphans in the enemy’s care anyhow.