7 Photos of Real Americans Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Who are the real Americans? Opinions might vary but one thing’s for certain: these photos will take you on an incredible journey to the past, revealing some of the most prominent figures in American history and showing you more of what life was back in those days. Ready to take a closer look?

Chief Wolf Robe, photographed by Frank A. Rinehart in 1899, wearing a Benjamin Harrison peace medal.

Wolf Robe also called Ho’néhevotoomáhe, was a Southern Cheyenne chief, highly appreciated by his fellow tribesmen for his kindness, ability to remain calm under pressure, and devotion to his people. Chief Wolf Robe received the Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal in 1890 for his involvement and support provided to the Cherokee Commission.

The committee was formed by President Benjamin Harrison to negotiate the purchase of land owned by the Cherokees and other tribes such as Pawnees, Poncas, and Cheyennes, in the Oklahoma Territory.

Chief Wolf Robe is thought to be the inspiration source for the profile used on the “Indian Head Nickel.

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