7 Photos of Real Americans Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Who are the real Americans? Opinions might vary but one thing’s for certain: these photos will take you on an incredible journey to the past, revealing some of the most prominent figures in American history and showing you more of what life was back in those days. Ready to take a closer look?

Chief Wolf Robe, photographed by Frank A. Rinehart in 1899, wearing a Benjamin Harrison peace medal.

Wolf Robe also called Ho’néhevotoomáhe, was a Southern Cheyenne chief, highly appreciated by his fellow tribesmen for his kindness, ability to remain calm under pressure, and devotion to his people. Chief Wolf Robe received the Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal in 1890 for his involvement and support provided to the Cherokee Commission.

The committee was formed by President Benjamin Harrison to negotiate the purchase of land owned by the Cherokees and other tribes such as Pawnees, Poncas, and Cheyennes, in the Oklahoma Territory.

Chief Wolf Robe is thought to be the inspiration source for the profile used on the “Indian Head Nickel.

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2 thoughts on “7 Photos of Real Americans Like You’ve Never Seen Before”

  1. Harold Crapo, Jr.

    I was born in New Hampshire about 50 miles south of Canada in the mid 1930’s. Ever since since I could remember, I for some reason revered the Native American Indian and have read many books about how they lived, worked and played. Yes, they had their wars among themselves because they too were humans which many foreign intruders like our ancestors, did not take into account. Late on, after I joined the U.S. Air Force in 1954, I was selected to compete for Airman of the Year representing the Air Force Base where I was performing duty. One question was to describe all the features shown on the buttons of the dress uniform. Easy question plus many more. I distinctly remembered the it was the month of February in 1962 when I meat the qualification board. The last question asked of me was, Do you support Black History Month”? My answer without hesitation was, “I will support Black History Month when we as a nation can have a Native American Month.” Now for the End of the story – – I obviously did not get to represent the Air Force Base. And I still feel the same way because the American Indian was here in this North American territory long before the European natives embarked on this land called the Home of the Free and thee Brave called AMERICA My answer was out of pure respect for the Natives and had nothing to do with ethnicity because slavery ran rampant before the years 2000 BC all over Europe and Africa and we seem to have forgotten that little bit of history which is one of the many reasons we repeat mistakes of our ancestors. #30

  2. This was an awesome read about our country’s background. way back in the day.
    It also brought to life, the way we treated the owners of the land. And how we stole this country from them.