7 Most Tragic Love Stories in History

1. The Successful Poet Elizabeth Barrett Died Before Her Husband Robert Browning Became a Respected Victorian Poet in His Own Right

In 1844, thanks to the publication of her poetry, Elizabeth Barret, a partially crippled woman found literary success at 39 years old. Her volume impressed Robert Browning, a 32 year old struggling writer who actually wrote her a letter to express his profound admiration.

As we mentioned above, it all started with that letter—they fell in love in a couple of months, but, unfortunately, Elizabeth’s domineering father forbade them to marry each other. However, they secretly exchanged love letters, and Elizabeth wrote several love sonnets that were inspired by her relationship with Browning.

Just one year after their first meeting, Elizabeth and Robert settled in Italy and lived a great life together, despite her father’s disapproval and commands. Sadly, in 1861, Elizabeth died in Robert’s arms, before her husband gained his own fame. After her death, Browning found success as a Victorian poet, and his work is still studied today.

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