7 Most Iconic Spots from Hollywood Then and Now

Egyptian Theater


The Egyptian Theater is a historic movie palace opened in 1922 by American showman Sid Grauman. “Within two weeks of its opening, they discovered King Tut’s tomb and Egyptian things became a craze,” Huver says. The discovery turned everything Egyptian into a national interest. Apart from its Egyptian influence, the theater also played host for the premiere of Douglas Fairbanks’ silent film “Robin Hood”, the first premier in movie history.

The theater continued to show movies and host premiers over the years but was closed in 1992 and severely damaged during the Northridge earthquake in 1994.


The theater was bought by the American Cinematheque nonprofit film organization in 1996 and reopened it in 1998 after a two-year-long restoration process, although “they didn’t quite put the expense into trying to get the grandness that was on the inside,” Huver says. The Egyptian is currently hosting projections and movie premiers. It was reportedly bought by Netflix in May 2020.

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