7 Most Iconic Spots from Hollywood Then and Now

Paramount Studios


Paramount is one of the first and most successful of the Hollywood film studios, as well as “the longest operating and only remaining major studio in Hollywood”. It was built on a 26-acre lot at the southern edge of Hollywood in the 1920s. The studio grew and expanded over the years, becoming the favorite location of filmmakers. Movies from the first Best Picture Oscar winner “Wings” to “Sunset Boulevard,” “The Ten Commandments” as well as television series such “The Andy Griffith Show” and “The Brady Bunch” were filmed at Paramount Studios.


Today, the Paramount Studios incorporates 65 acres and thirty stages, opened to visitors via organized studio tours. Visitors can admire the New York city street backlots, the Blue Sky water tank used by Jim Carrey in “The Truman Show,” and the bench where Forrest Gump famously ate his box of chocolates.

The Dr. Phil Show,” “This Is Us,” “NCIS: Los Angeles” are currently in production at the Paramount Studios, among other popular shows and TV series.

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