7 Most Iconic Spots from Hollywood Then and Now

The Hollywood Sign


The worldwide symbol of the entertainment industry was initially meant as an advertising sign for a real-estate development project. The original sign was forty-five-feet high and had white block letters that read “Hollywoodland”. The sign became synonymous with the Hollywood dream until 1932, when actress Peg Entwistle, aged 24, ended her life by jumping off letter H. In the upcoming years, the sign started to deteriorate and “the City of L.A. had orders to tear down the sign,” Wanamaker says. “It was dangerous and it was a mess.”

Fortunately, in 1949, the Chamber of Commerce agreed with the City of Los Angeles Parks Department to rebuild and repurpose the sign.


In the 70s, it was clear that the iconic sign needed a major rehaul. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decided to rebuild the sign from scratch and managed to erect a new concrete and steel sign in 1978, with the help of celebrities who donated money for this endeavor. Hugh Hefner was actually the one holding the fundraiser at his famous Playboy Mansion.

The Hollywood sign is definitely a must-see in Hollywood, but if hiking trails are not your thing, you can still admire it via live streaming provided on the official Hollywood Sign website.

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