7 Most Iconic Spots from Hollywood Then and Now

Hollywood Walk of Fame


Nothing says Hollywood better than its Walk of Fame. The idea came from a local artist from Southern California, Oliver Weissmuller, and was transformed into reality in 1960, by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The walk was about 1.3 miles long from east to west on Hollywood Boulevard and 0.4 miles from north to south. It originally had eight stars, with the first permanent star belonging to director Stanley Kramer. Celebrities like Joanne Woodward, Preston Foster, Burt Lancaster, Edward Sedgwick, Ernest Torrence, and Louise Fazenda also received their own stars soon after.


Throughout the years, more and more celebrities were graced with their own stars on the Walk of Fame, now featuring around more than 2,500 terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalk, among which Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp. “It goes to La Brea. It goes past Argyle now, down to Sunset,” describes Wanamaker. However, not all stars can be walked on. When heavy-weight boxing champion Muhammad Al received his star, he specifically asked for it to be placed on the wall instead of on the sidewalk.

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