6 Ruthless Female Serial Killers

Image By Alex Cherepanov From Shutterstock

With how most serial killers are men, it is sometimes possible to forget that there are female serial killers that have committed their own atrocities too. But with 90% of them being male, the females end up just being mentioned as a side note in between long lists of men. We all know just how some end up being idolized or the main focus of the discussion, with movies being made about them too. Yet, there are female serial killers that are just as ruthless as their male counterparts.

Statistically, it is less likely for women to become serial killers, but history has left us with a lot of examples of just how heartless and cruel women can truly be. It all lies in the shock factor: people cannot believe a woman could do such horrific acts. Yet, they did and they probably will continue to. From killing the elderly and the young to slaughtering or poisoning their whole family, these women had done it all. Sometimes for years on end without getting caught and then being charged for only a fraction of what they are believed to have done.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the most ruthless female serial killers, so we can all remember that you never know what people around you are capable of.

Let us know if you have ever heard of these ladies before.

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