6 Rare Pictures of What Really Happened on 1920 Bombing of Wall Street

Devastating. Deadly. Heartbreaking.

Those are just three of the words we could use to describe terrorist attacks. Though many claims we are living in the most peaceful time in history, let us not forget that such acts of violence are not remnants of the past and they most certainly do not exclusively happen in far off corners of the world.

Terrorism represents the threatened or systematic use of violence in order to create a general climate of fear in order to intimidate a government or population. The aim of terrorism is to effect ideological, political, and religious change. Between the years 1970–2017, a number of 2,872 incidents have been reported in the U.S. alone.

Today we’re going to walk through the events of September 16th, 1920 known as the bombing of Wall Street.

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