6 Radio Broadcasts That Went Down In History

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Before the times of all the technological advances we have today, the radio was one of the most important pieces of technology one could own. It made everyone connected, as it delivered the news and during war times it became almost indispensable. More than that, the radio also served as a way of entertainment, as radio plays rose to fame and there were writers reading their newest creations on air. We cannot know exactly how many recordings exist, thousands of feet of tapes, but we do know just how important some of these recordings are.

Through radio broadcasts, we have managed to keep a record of some of the most important moments in history: from declarations of war to capitulations, from important scientific discoveries to heartfelt speeches about peace, there are countless recordings upon which we can look back now to learn about the past. Moreover, it is impressive that back then, when they were first broadcast to millions of people, no one could have predicted what would follow, be it tragedy or a moment of monumental historical importance. 

Here we have some of the most important historical radio broadcasts that shook the world, some of the many that we all should keep in mind, as history has a lot to teach us. Let us know if you listened to any of these or if our list prompted you to listen to some other piece of history!

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