10 Most Dreaded Female Gangsters in American History

FBI, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

7. Blanche Barrow

Blanche Barrow was the wife of Clyde’s older brother, one part of the infamous duo Bonnie and Clyde. She hid Buck Barrow on her farm when he was running away from the police, and after he had been pardoned, they got married. Luck was not on her side as after Buck got out of prison, he made a promise to his brother when drunk that he would join his gang.

This is how Blanche Barrow ended up a part of the Barrow Gang. Despite not being part of the gang for long, she is one of the few remaining alive after the shootout with the police officers, where she also got blinded. Her infamy comes both from being Buck Barrow’s wife, but also from the fact that no matter what happened she stood by her husband and helped him escape law enforcement.

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