10 Most Dreaded Female Gangsters in American History

U. S. Government, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Buda Godman

Born Helen Julia Godman, she was once married to songwriter Tell Taylor. However, several years after he divorced her she found herself in trouble for being part of a badger game – which is an extortion scheme in which beautiful women lure wealthy men in compromising positions, then an associate of theirs runs in, takes pictures and then they all sit down and blackmail the wealthy man with the pictures.

Despite being caught and tried for her crimes, she did not go to jail then. She continued to live her life, with a number of extra marital affairs with powerful men, getting involved with various gangsters. We do not know what she had been up to, but considering that there are seven known aliases she used over the years, we can guess it was nothing good.

She eventually went to jail for several years, when she got caught moving 305,000$ worth of jewelries stolen from a business man in New York. What she did until she dies in 1945 is not known.

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