6 Kidnapping Cases That Had a Happy Ending

Image By Feng Yu From Shutterstock

With how much sad news we see on every channel nowadays, it is good to sometimes hear an uplifting story too. Kidnapping cases are some of the saddest occurrences that can happen, for the victim that is forced to endure whatever the kidnapper has in mind, but also for their loved ones who remain wondering if they will ever see them again. Yet, justice prevails in some cases and there ARE kidnapping cases that have a happy ending.

Despite the horrors that the victims have to endure, the happy ending lies in the fact that they were found and that their abusers end up behind bars. With 388,122 people under 21 reported missing in 2020 alone, their number being way over that if we take into consideration the ones over 21, it is good to remember some of them who were kidnapped can be found.

Some of these cases are old, some are recent, but whether they were missing for less than a day or 18 years, all of these kidnapping cases have been solved and got their happy ending.

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