6 Conspiracy Theories People Still Hold Onto Today

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4. The moon landing is a hoax.

We have all heard of this one time and time again. Yet, it does not seem like people are going to stop bringing it up. Every year, when so and so starts a new conspiracy theory, there is bound to be someone to jump into the mix and agree with them and justify it because they believe the moon landing was just a Hollywood hoax. That we did not have someone actually step onto the moon.

What is hilarious about this conspiracy is that at the time this happened, in 1969, people did not doubt it. Given that we were in a race with the Russians to be the first ones to set foot on the surface of the moon, no one doubted that the NASA footage was anything but genuine. We are quick to believe all sorts of things, but somehow someone started this rumor that the government lied to all of us.

Just imagine, the magnitude of the lie and just how successful of a hoax this is if the space agency actually made this whole thing up. Someone was bound to have slipped and spilled the beans.

Unless our next whistleblower is going to be about this… NASA should watch their back. We all saw what happened to Facebook.

5. Ice bucket challenge was a satanic ritual.

Remember that insanely popular challenge that was used to raise money for the research of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ASL)? Well, some people believe it to be a satanic ritual. We are not joking, some people believe it has ties to a purification ritual that is done in relation to the satanic church.

At least one conspiracy theorist has riled behind this one, and because people were raising money for a good cause with an albeit silly challenge, they decided there has to be more to it. It is quite sad that they can not think that people want to help without an ulterior motive. Here, the cleansing of America in the name of the Antichrist, who they believe is Lucifer, for… something? They have to give the bible another read cause they seem to have confused some terms there. 

But for sure, they believe something is coming. With how many end of the world dates we went through, we think people might have to rethink their theories.

6. The government is actually ruled by lizard people.

One of the most well-known conspiracy theorists is David Icke, the one responsible for the birth of the reptilians – or the lizard people as others like to call them. He is the one that came up with the idea that there is a secret species of super-intelligent reptiles that are actually controlling us by being in positions of power. You may be wondering who these lizard people are. Well, none other than your favorite (or not) politicians, like George W. Bush, or Queen Elizabeth(this would explain the cannibalism rumor). 

They believe that they are actually wearing highly realistic human masks and this is why no one detected them before. This theory is up there right next to the Illuminati and the flat earth in terms of how far-fetched they are. What’s even more surprising is the fact that a few years back Public Policy Polling did a survey and they found out that 12 million Americans believe that the government is made up of lizard people! 

With this many people thinking that there are reptilians all around us, we cannot be surprised that there is resistance against simple things like vaccines…

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