6 Conspiracy Theories People Still Hold Onto Today

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1. Jack the Ripper was Lewis Carol.

Alice in Wonderland” is a classic and you would not think to equate him to unknown serial killer Jack the Ripper. However, back in 1996, there were a number of people that thought he was just that. Starting from a book by Richard Wallace, who wrote in his book that there are clues in Carol’s books that show that he was the actual killer, people have started to believe that this could be the case.

He claimed that passages in the book Lewis Carol wrote at the time of the murders,  “Sylvie and Bruno“, were anagrams and if you could arrange them in the right order they would spell out the confession. He said that those confessions were horrifying sentences that contained allusions to slitting women’s throats and detailed how it was done.

Needless to say, it got a lot of people believing that this conspiracy was actually true. It did not matter that Wallace actually left words out in order to make his theory work and that he took a lot of creative license with the anagrams he claimed the book had. His theory is most likely untrue, but it does not make it any less unsettling or stop people from believing it.

Imagine, such a beloved children books author to also be one of the world’s most notorious murderers. It sends shivers down our spine.

2. Paul McCartney is dead.

Yes, you read that right. One of the most famous musicians in the world is believed to actually be dead. Well, some people believe that the Beatles co-lead vocalist has been dead since 1966, in a car crash no less. They believe that the cover of the Beatle’s album “Abbey Road” is what actually announced that and that if you can read the signs well enough, you can see the message.

McCartney has no shoes in the picture, which links to the fact that in certain cultures people are buried barefoot, and on the license plate some people see the “LMW 28IF” as a way to indicate that the singer would have been 28 if he was alive. They believe the mistakenly heard phrase at the end of the song “Strawberry Fields Forever” is the most definitive clue when it comes to the music on the album: because someone heard “I buried Paul”, instead of the actual lyrics which say “cranberry sauce”. That’s a pretty big difference if you ask us.

Surprisingly, this conspiracy theory persisted and it is believed even today! Despite the fact that Paul McCartney is 79 years old and still releasing music. If anything people should be surprised the man can still keep on producing!

Or that’s what his doppelganger would like us to believe…

3. The Queen of England is eternally youthful because she is a cannibal.

There is no way to categorize this one other than frankly totally crazy. We are all aware that the queen of England has been a very long-lived ruler since she turned 95 this year, but this conspiracy is more fit for a horror movie than real life. She is the longest-serving monarch in British history and she only recently showed signs of stopping due to her health issues. 

Yet, people believed until recently that the reason she showed no signs of ill health was that she was a cannibal. This followed after an article by historian Hubert Humdinger wrote in a story for a magazine in 1973 that she must be eating human flesh, as she is full of energy and that would be the only explanation. The rumor may have sparked from this, but it continued and has been brought up again in 2012 after a servant said he found what looked like human remains in her private fridge. 

This is even more unbelievable than this ridiculous conspiracy. Let’s be honest, this is most probably fake, but even if it was real, as a lot of people seem to believe, she would not just leave human remains out in the open.

The royals would definitely be guarding their secret better than that… 

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