6 Conspiracy Theories People Still Hold Onto Today

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We are not strangers when it comes to conspiracy theories, as with each year that passes there seems to be a rise in them! From the death-infused 5G radio waves to the microchips in vaccines and the impending doom to be brought by superbugs, it seems like there is no end to the nonsensical things some people choose to believe.

However, this is not a recent phenomenon. People have come up with conspiracy theories since the dawn of time and, while we got used to hearing the COVID-19 pandemic theories all around us, there are other ones that people still believe. You would be surprised how many people still believe some of these, despite the fact that they sound silly or downright impossible.

From the most known one of the people who think the earth is flat, to the ones who think that Elvis faked his death, there is no shortage of conspiracy theories.

Do you know someone who thinks these are real?

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