6 Best Super Bowl Teams In NFL History

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Rams 1999

The Rams only have one win, but it is very impressive as it has also been dubbed the “Greatest Show on Turf”, as the 1999 game was so dynamic on offense that it remained ingrained in our minds. It was so impressive that it wasn’t hard to forget that they were sixth in yards allowed and fourth in points.

What made them stand out was the offense. With 39 career passing yards, Kurt Warner ended the season with 41 scores and threw for 4,353 yards! This is a very impressive achievement. To add to him, Marshall Faulk became the second player in NFL history to rush AND receive for at least 1,000 yards in a season. Despite the not so impressive number of wins compared with others on our list the L.A. Rams still had such an amazing game in 1999 that they definitely deserve to be on our list.

Steelers 1975

The Steelers had an amazing performance two years in a row, but the one from ’75 was simply phenomenal. The Steelers had an amazing decade during the ’70s when they had a total of four Super Bowl wins, but their performance in 1975 is the one that deserves the most attention.

They had a differential of +211 points in 14 games! This was partly in thanks to their signature Steel Curtain Defense, which had Mel Blount lead the league with 11 interceptions. Moreover, some of their offense players had some career best plays, such as Terry Bradshaw’s 2 to 1 RD interception ratio and Franco Harris’s 1,246 rushing yards, which marked his highest during his whole career. The boys had an amazing performance that year, and they are overall one of the best teams out there, with an impressive 6 Super Bowl wins under their belt, making them one of the two which hold the title for most Super Bowl wins!

Cowboys 1992

The Dallas Cowboys have an impressive 5 NFL wins throughout the years and have had an impressive roster over the years. The team from 1992 was probably the best star-studded team that the Cowboys ever had in the 1990s. With their extremely talented offensive paving the way for Emmitt Smith, Michae Irvin, and Troy Aikman to score points, Jimmy Johnson’s boys had an amazing game that year. They were in the top five in the NFL then when looking at points and yardage for and against! That’s an impressive feat and that’s why the 1992 lineup is considered one of the best NFL winning teams!

We are excited to see which team will take the Championship this year and maybe we will see another game that will go down in the history books!

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