6 Best Super Bowl Teams In NFL History

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Dolphins 1972

The Miami Dolphins have claimed the Super Bowl crown only twice, but this did not deter them from achieving impressive feats. In 1972 they were the first team to win a Super Bowl undefeated! And what makes their achievement so much more impressive is that 50 years later they remain the only team to manage that! They also had the most yards and points, and the fewest allowed points and yards.

Their star duo made of Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris each collected 1,000 yards and they were almost unstoppable on the ground, making the team’s defense excel as a unit! They were given the nickname “No Name Defense”. The team still shines bright in our memory as one of the best teams to have ever been Super Bowl champions!

Bears 1985

The Chicago Bears’ lineup in 1985 went down in history for their unmatched defense, and for good measure! That year, not only did they score a record breaking number of points (456), but they also had amazing defense points, something that at times overshadows the number of points they scored. The Bears’ lineup for 1958-1986 was the only team that allowed less than 200 points in consecutive seasons since they moved to a 16-game schedule in 1978.

In 1985, with a team made of star athletes and iconic characters, the Bears won Super Bowl XX and certified themselves in the hearts of many, as one of the most beloved teams! Sometimes despite not having more than one Championship win can still be as impressive as having the most wins!

Patriots 2016

Even with Tom Brady missing from the first four games and Rob Gronkowski missing eight due to being injured, the 2016 Patriots still managed to get a 14-2! The Patriots are known to be one of the best NFL teams out there, especially with their recent 2019 win which brought them straight to the top, tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the biggest number of wins (they each have 6).

But in 2016, they had stellar team play! The combo between Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacob Brissett managed to keep the front up to a 3-1 in Brady’s absence, only for the man to come back and achieve the remarkable ratio of 28 touchdowns to two interceptions. Moreover, Martellus Bennett did an amazing job filling in for Gronk, and no one can forget LeGarrette Blount’s record in the Patriot’s team for 18 touchdowns on the ground! Not everyone shines bright like a star, but we also have to mention that year’s defense as they quietly and effectively led with the fewest NFL allowed number of points.

It is true that teamwork makes the dream work!

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