6 Best Super Bowl Teams In NFL History

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The Super Bowl has become a staple in many of our lives, whether or not we are football fans. People get together, to spend time together, watch the game, the halftime performances, and eat a lot of finger food. It’s become a general event that millions of Americans attend and it is a symbol of national and state pride. After all, if the resident state football team won the championship you would be even prouder to say that you are from the same state. But who has won the most championships and which one of them is the best?

Those questions are hard to answer and making a ranked list of the best teams is pretty impossible to do since there are a lot of factors that play into it: how many wins do the teams have, how amazing was their game strategy, did they give us some of the most legendary plays in the history of the NFL? And the list can go on.

Despite all of these issues that we’ve mentioned, we tried to compile some of the best teams that have participated in the National Football League. Be it that they are some with the most wins or they have had an amazing game, they deserve to be included in our list.
Let us know if you agree with our favorites or if you have another team that you think should be featured on our list!

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