47 Rare Photos of the American Civil War

This September 1862 photo provided by the Library of Congress shows Allan Pinkerton on horseback during the Battle of Antietam, near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Before the outbreak of war, he had founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. In 1861, he famously foiled an alleged plot to assassinate president-elect Lincoln, and later served as the head of the Union Intelligence Service — the forerunner of the U.S. Secret Service.

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11 thoughts on “47 Rare Photos of the American Civil War”

  1. It’s awful to think of the deaths of so many Americans killing one another. Now, however, when you look at our present political situation, there seems to be even more hatred by some Americans for other Americans. A lot of our country was destroyed by that war, but now some are intent on destroying more of it.

  2. Thank the democrat party! They started the civil war, and I am sure they will start the next one too.

  3. 1865 African Americans were killed for trying to flee from oppression of slavery. 2020 unfair and unequal treatment such as driving while Black, jogging, walking, eating, and in church while Black is at risk of being killed .now what is next? AWFULNESS.

  4. 1865 1940’s1960’s1970’s 2020 the struggle continues for the African American. Our skin color is hated by many. That is Awful!!!

  5. I had a great grandfather who fought for the south and his brother fought for the north. So it even split our family.


  6. An awful and horrific war. All wars fit that description. Love in the world would cure all conflicts, until then we will continue to battle other countries as well as ourselves.

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