40 Amazing Vintage Christmas Pictures From All Over the World

To us, Americans, Christmas is a celebration of snow, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, Christmas parades and Santa Claus.  It is also a time of coming together, so by that token, we’ve put together a collection of amazing vintage photos that allow you to take a glimpse into the fascinating past and find out how Christmas was celebrated in other parts of the world.

Discover the magic of past Christmases with these photos taken before 1950.

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  1. Decorating the Christmas tree was serious business in 1910 in the United States. This photo of a young model lighting up Christmas candles is the perfect example that no detail was left unattended.
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  1. The Postal Service has been helping children send their letters to the North Pole for over a hundred years, efficiently adding up to Santa’s magic. In 1935’s England, children eagerly lined up to send their Santa letters off in the mail.
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  1. Christmas tree tradition in Russia, in 1935.
Source: https://imgur.com/
  1. Children absolutely love toys. The kids in the photo were looking in awe at the new Christmas toys displayed in a shop in NYC, US in 1920.
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