30 Historical Photos From WW2 You Haven’t Seen Before

Picturing the area across Europe that saw fierce conflicts throughout the duration of the war, between September 1939 and May 1945. The day when Germany unconditionally surrendered, May 8, is celebrated as Victory in Europe Day; Russia and parts of Eastern Europe celebrate VE Day on May 9. We look back at some images from one of the violent conflicts in human history.

Check them out for more information and start to see our world through photos!

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153 thoughts on “30 Historical Photos From WW2 You Haven’t Seen Before”

  1. Victoria J. Hall

    Wonderful gallery. Thanks from a staunch WWII buff. I was born in 1937, and my strongest childhood memories are of this era. Still the most emotional event in my life.

    1. I was born in 1937 also and lost my daddy in The Battle of the Bulge. I remember saying goodbye to him. I can’t look at much of these kinds of photos.

      1. I too was a 37 baby & lost my Uncle 34 years old at the Bulge battle. Yeah he was drafted at 32 ! Even with a leg disability. We needed all the help we could get. An entire era of HEROS’ !!

    2. Mine as well. I was born in 1938 and remember reading large headlines that said NAZI . —- probably in 43. —-have always been fascinated with WWII and have read scores of books regarding the time .

    3. Victoria I was born in 1939 and can remember seeing the war maps in the Kansas City times & Star and listening to the radio and news reports, I can remember when General Patton died and what a loss it was to the War effort.

  2. Did you know the British troops were involved in the war from September 1939 US troops didn’t come in until December 1941. Might have been nice to have shown them working and fighting together. I lived in England during that time.

    1. America supported England with pilots, military weapons and other aid. We just didn’t send over troops. My nation was torn between those who wanted to help and those who felt it wasn’t our war. Remember we were still reeling from WWI.

      1. Yes, Lend Lease and Cash & Carry. Some American men went to Canada to reain as RAF pilots before we were involved in WWII.

    2. Dawn.. In actual fact, the US navy was fighting the Battle of the Atlantic, from the summer 1941, until war started on December 8, 1941. One destroyer was shot at by torpedo; one destroyer hit by torpedo (USS Kearney had some casualties but made it to Iceland); and the USS Ruben James, hit and sunk toward the end of October 1941. During the end of ring the end of October 1941. We escorted convoys to Iceland and let the RN take them to final destination in England. Al.

      1. Yes, eleven destroyer sailors killed in October 1941 by Nazi torpedo. Certainly provocation for a declaration of war! Certainly evokes USS Cole tragedy, doesn’t it?

    3. Robert Andrews

      I remember in 1775 England tried to rule over the states to keep us oppressed. European nations fight each other more than the rest of the nations combined!!

  3. Judge Judy I loved her and Burt. Maygan Keiily should never ever be trusted, mean nasty horrid person.
    Vanna White is as sweet as she looks. n American Icon!

    1. Where is Heather Childers now? Voted one of the ten best anchors and she is smart and beautiful!
      Wht is she up to? Saw her in a cameo performance on Newsmax network. Thought maybe they had hired her after Fox unceremoniously let her go because of a corona scare. But, aside from that one Newsmax performance, she has disappeared.

  4. One of the very few advantages of being OLD (other than retirement) is that I remember most of these moments quite clearly!

  5. We ONLY hear the Allied side of the story. There is also a German/Italian side.
    I highly recommend Historian David Irvin’s books: HITLER’S WAR and CHURCHILL’S

    Allies all Good? Germans and Italians all Bad? Horse poop! Check them out for yourselves.
    Irvin’s other books about WWII are also eye-opening and thought provoking. Do dare to go against the ‘politically correct’ grain. But warning: it might upset you.

    1. Ya but it was a war. And we were fighting to stop Hitler from building a biased, racist world. AND we WON!! Chill out.

    2. Agreed Jerry, but I the time to prevent the war was before it started. The Italian soldiers did not want to fight that war, they even helped the USA forces in the war in Italy then.

      1. As an American, I believe we were at least partially responsible for Germany’s rise after WWI – no nation could tolerate the stifling conditions with which the Allies saddled them. The Germans’ mistake was in the choice of a “leader.” Whether we should have gotten involved again is a debate for the ages. History leads one to conclude we also pushed Japan into a war with us.

      2. Two sides always BUT does not justify the Holocaust! AND, I hope there is nothing that the allies did that can be compared to the Japanese Death March!!!!!

    3. Who stared it. No War is nice, you may like your version better but the results are the same, one winner and one looser and a lot of people getting hurt.

    4. You must be a Liberal Democrat. If it weren’t for my grandfathers generation we would all be speaking German and saying Heil Hitler after every conversation ended. And only those that weren’t wiped out being deemed unfit to be third Reich citizens

    5. Truth is sometimes upsetting but refreshing at the same time. Hope Irvin uses primary source materials?
      Itherwise, the “poop” is still there!

  6. So the damn American Red Cross used to charge the GIs for cigarettes which should have been given them for free during WW2.
    In modern times, I noticed what happened in Los Alamos NM during the 2000 Cerro Grande Fire that wiped out hundreds of homes and caused the town to be evacuated. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised to help the town evacuees by the damn Red Cross. Weeks later, in an article buried in the third section of the Albuquerque Journal, it was reported that the damn Red Cross couldn’t find anyone in need in Los Alamos, so they just gave the money to the damn national chapter. Wonder how accountable the damn Red Cross has been in the 2018 fires in California? Any bets on this?

    1. John W. Nyhan, you are right. My oldest brother served in the O.S. Navy during WWII. hE SAID THE red cross were charging 21 cents a pack for the cigarettes hich were supposed to be given to the GIs for free.

          1. All the blood shed, lost lives, hell no earth for our troops, to get rid of Nazi evil and Japanese imperialism, to insure a democratic society, and you don’t care? You must be a very selfish egotistic person.

          2. If you dont care that the Red Cross rips off the people especially the GI’s who served the country for us, I suppose you don’t care if someone rips you off….. by the way, are you one of the Democrats living off the GI’s?

          3. My brother served in Europe in WWII. He said the Red Cross charged them for stuff but the Salvation Army gave them everything free.

      1. Think about the thousands of US troops that became “hooked” on these cancer sticks! There must have been an inordinate number of lung diseases with that generation.

    2. What a lopsided view we have of the Red Cross until we meet veterans who were fighting for their lives “over there.” It has always been a source of amazement to me how many of our soldiers have nothing good to say about the Red Cross.

      My father in law never said an unkind word about anybody. One day, I don’t remember how or why, the subject of the Red Cross came up in conversation, and he went absolutely ballistic. He was madder than hell I’ll tell you.

      1. We always contribute to the Salvation Army whose CEO makes a pittance while The Red Cross person gets $500,000.

    3. I agree. As a Viet Nam USARMY Infantry vet, I won’t give the Red Cross a dime. National President pulling $500,000USD yearly. Salvation Army top manager is on $30,000USD. I put my money in Salvation Army.

      1. You are so right some people saying billions of dollars Red Cross Red Cross only payout 10% celebrities sports figure people if they are not all that money you may will give you the money first man to the people you won’t give it to Red Cross only use their money say they pay bill to pay the bills and then they give the 10% or less

      2. I was a police officer in my hometown and there was a factory fire in a place that I had worked in prior to my going in the Army. The Red Cross canteen truck was there along with the Salvation Army. I went to get a cup of coffee from the Red Cross and they charged me .25. A fireman friend of mine came to me and told me go to the Salvation Army truck they were giving the coffee and donuts away. No charge. I had another experience with them when I needed to go on emergency leave. Anything you get from them has to be paid back with interest, just like a bank. Salvation Army YES. RC Negative

    4. You may be correct John.
      It is just my opinion that the Red Cross and many citizens to more to help in disasters then our stupid FEMA!

    5. However, there was at least one cigarette company (Camels, I believe) which would weekly ship thousands of cartons of cigarettes to soldiers overseas.

    6. Fema is another organization all out for themselves. During the earthquake in 1989 of Loma Prieta, California, they offered us low interest loans to rebuild our homes or repair but what happened to donations I’ll never know. I guess they went to the big fat cats at FEMA.

    7. Roberta Whetstine

      No! They also charged for coffee and donuts to the men coming off the lines, and money was the last thing they had!!

    8. You seem to have a strong dislike of the Red Cross. What are the basis’ for this dislike. You state various declarations but do not provide the means of validation for accuracy.

      s on a troop train and the Red Cross charged us for cookies, etc. The Salvation Army gave us everyhing free…..

    10. People that believe the Red Cross really helps people is like comparing it to Hillary and their help to Haiti, almost nil help! After WWII, when my Uncle came back on a ship, never with pay yet, he and his shipmates from the Navy were charged to have a fresh cup of coffee. Most had no money and were denied coffee! Changed my mind and I never give to the Red Cross. Now they want to remove the Red Cross. Should show an empty hand reaching out!

  7. Looks to me like the American Red Cross is run by a bunch of Democrats – they will support themselves in high style.

      1. I am sometimes tempted to say something mean, like demo-rats, but I don’t because I believe there is something to love in everyone. We all need to stop calling each other names and realize we are are part of the human race. Hate blinds us to the truth. Always.

    1. Give it a rest Anonymous. Tired of hearing your put downs on Democrats. Seems like you Repubs use your political bloody knives a whole lot more than the Dems ever did.

    2. Look no further than Trump as the master grafter in charity work. I don’t recall Dems getting banned for life from doing charity work of any kind. Get of Fox TV and see things as they really are.

    3. So, you are a gutless republican, brave anonymous. I don’t caremuch for the Red Cross. They pay their executives much too well. On the other hand, I, an atheist, support the Salvation Army. They do a lot of discrete work much better than the Red Cross, and NO politics involved.

    4. Puhleeze, you think any Republican would
      give up their time to volunteer time for Red Cross? Be there any time day or night whenever a disaster happens? And living large on Red Cross donations? No, we leave that to tRumpy and his thugs with their money from Russia…

      1. D must stand for Democrat like in the party of Roosevelt’s Red Cross who charged endangered servicemen and women for a cup of coffee in time of tragedy? President Trump would never be that cruel and petty. His mission is to try to save our sovereign nation from becoming a socialist regime, so I am on his side and he is doing what I voted him to do. I don’t know who runs the Red Cross, but it isn’t very popular it seems, because of the coffee and donut issue which is apparently a more important issue than saving lives and helping people survive tragedies. I prefer the Salvation Army volunteers over a large inflated democratic run agency that has a problem managing their donations for the advertised intended purpose.

    5. Red Cross do not support any particular party and Red Cross will take your money the money that redcross take they pay back 10% out of all the money that they take the rest of money circulated into advertisement they claim and other functions

    6. George W Corliss

      What is wrong with Democrats? Not all Republicans are crazy. Just the ones that love Donald J. Trump. I would vote for anyone before Trump.

    7. It is sad that everything in this country is looked at as being democrat or republican. We are all people in one nation under one government and all made by One God. When Russia and China make plans to attack us and split the spoils they are not going to care who is dem or repub. when our military fight they don’t fight dem or repub. we are Americans.

    1. Thank you sir for your service. I truly mean that, having just lost my father who served there.

      We got him a hat one year that showed his service and where. We went out to dinner with him that evening and multiple people approached him and thanked him. Upon arriving home he took that hat off and never wore it again. What it cost him and the others who served there was paid out through the remainder of their lives. So I say once again, thank you.

  8. “Red Cross run by a bunch of Democrats-they will support themselves in high style”????? Oh, I get it…. you forgot to add that the U.S. Government/White House is run by a bunch of Republican THUGS supporting themselves in high style on the backs of the American people. Not much longer :))

      1. Hey Laurie and Walter, what about the recent revelation of Biden’s laptop? Learn about it on Fox/Fox Business or Newsmax; you will not hear much from CNN, MSNBC , the main networks or any other media. Talk about “crooks” like the Nixon WH!

    1. Wow, I’m afraid you need to watch/read the REAL news. You must live on one of our coasts, because middle America doesn’t share your thoughts!

    2. Except that Trump doesn’t take a salary. And taxes are going down. Seems to me we should stick to the Red Cross and not get into politics. The Red Cross collects more overhead that almost any other charity. They aren’t that altruistic like they should be. Period. I don’t give money to the Red Cross. I don’t trust that it will ever be used properly.

      1. Only three presidents have refused salaries. Hoover, JFK and Trump. Trump’s go to various charities. So, I could care less whether or not I know what his tax returns look like. I always thought that was a type of personal freedom, even for POTUS? (and the IRS!) It’s no body’s business! Only if you can prove malfeasances and/or emoluments.

    3. And what actions by Republicans dictate they are thugs? Spying on opposition opponents, phony dossier to embarrass and discredit opponents, colluding with the Russians to get dirt on their opponents? Or how about destroying 33,000 e-mails, destroying cell phones with hammers, hard drives and servers with bleach bit to eliminate evidence against them? Whoops – that isn’t the Republican Party, that is the lying, cheating, dishonest KKK originating Democratic Party! Learn your history Laurie, you ignorant slug!

      1. And don’t forget the latest revelations on the shady money dealings with the Biden family. You vote for him, just remember you are voting for a crook! The proof is there, many times over only most of the media are too ashamed to reveal it since they lean left.

  9. As with any form of history, my being a black man who only learned about the contributions my people made during all past wars, I’m not surprised, but pleased, to see recorded history of past events finally being revealed.

    1. Duane,
      I am a white man who agrees with you. During the Pearl Harbor attack many blacks took off their cooks aprons and fought very well for us! There are to many innocent African Americans being murdered by our police even today.

      1. I don’t know about “many,” but think you are referring to Dorri Miller, who received a meritorious citation for leaving his kitchen post and manning a deck gun and shooting down enemy planes!

    2. American Indians also made great contributions. Have you heard of the Code Breakers? Check it out. Very interesting.

    3. Truth. Members of my family fought in WWII. Hallelujah, exposure is a wonderful tool. The truth may sometimes be painful but it is good for the body and great for the soul… Awesomely Black.

  10. Nice pictures, you missed the railroad gun we captured in Germany by the 103rd infantry division. Hitler had 2 guns one in Russia and one on the Rhine river. Photo by Burt Sanders son of George Sanders the movie star. My platoon is standing on the barrel. I am standing on the breach of the gun.
    Calvin Lazar. 239 394 0418

  11. Born 1929. My family was just recovering from depression when the world war started and brother went to war. Girls and young men went to driving tractors and working bringing in crops We are a tough group and love our country with all our hearts

    1. I hope we can be as tough today if nesessary. These WWII soldiers form the strongest link in the “Greatest Generation.”

    2. You are a surviving member of a very special generation. My Mother helped build bombers while my father went away to fight. They just don’t make humans like they used to!
      Bless you!

    3. That’s why you are referred to as “The Greatest Generation! Wish you could live forever; we need you now !!!!!!

  12. These pictures are amazing and horrible at the same time ….. I am glad to have been able to see them. My dad was in WW2 ….. I came along later for Vietnam as an aviator myself.

    1. Agreed Jerry. Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it. WW2 had to be faught.
      As the human race war has been continous and there is always the “need” to fight wars, to sad for a LOL. We need to evolve and learn to live together in peace or we will certainly die together.

    2. These are amazing pictures.
      My dad served in US Army WW2, was in European Theater, Captain. His brother also served. My dad passed away in 1976 and would be 100 if he lived today. My Mom is still alive and doing well at 91 years young. We recently downsized Moms home and there is dad’s Army trunk from 1945. Over the years he never discussed the trunk. The only thing we ever saw was his Army Album-full of pictures of him training the troops (he was a Phys Ed Instructor) and many other never seen photos. I am now in possession of his Army Trunk from 1945- never opened until recently- “It is a time capsule” – full of his army uniforms, Army communications on the war, 1945 Stars and Stripes “Germany Surrenders” , more pictures and even his Colt gun and holster. What do I do with these memories? Donate to WW2 Museum in New Orleans or? Such an important part of history.
      Contact me: onehope@comcast.net
      December 2018

      1. You might consider The National Museum of the United States Army
        2425 Wilson Boulevard
        Arlington, Virginia 22201
        (800) 506-2672


      2. Donate them. With the stipulation that they are on loan to them until one of your descendants wants them back.
        Also you and the family get free admission. That way you’re able to view them any time you want to.

  13. My dad was a flame thrower in the chemical corp. in the Pacific. While on R&R as they got off the plane the Red Cross was there and was charging for Coffee.

  14. I think that the Treaty of Versise ending WW1 was so unfair that it led directly to WW2. When WW2 came we definately had to fight the axis powers. The Germon and Japonese committed genocide that had to be stioped. However we do nothing to stop genocide now.
    My father fought in WW2.

  15. George HW Bush was definately a true war hero doing a most dangerous job and got shot down on a mission. However that does not give him the right to murder over 100,000 civilians in that bogas Irak war!

    1. Both Bush’s were and are traitors talking that one world crap… We are Americans one and all… Clinton, the peanut farmer and Obumma too all need to go
      To prison.

  16. I will not engage in the misguided, childish and paranoid bantering on this comments section. Hidden History should do the right thing and shutdown this nonsense.

    1. Has anyone out there ever read “The Dairy Of Anne Frank” read an article stating her sister Margot had written one also and her dairy was never found, makes me wonder what she said.

    2. JB, I can’t agree with you more!!! Enjoy, ponder, remember the photos provided by Hidden History. Make your rude comments on another site. To those who wish to continue this nasty Dem/Rep verbal altercation….. try for a change reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” and really think about those words.

  17. Was a Cop for 30 years. Almost ended my career on the Harley’s but was promoted to Lt. and left on patrol. My wife was thank full!

  18. My Father was a pilot in the South Pacific flying PBY’s, Black Cats. He told us usas we were growing up to never contribute to the Red Cross, only to the Salvation Army as this was the group that provided assistance to him, his crew and the other crews. He did not have a good word to say about the Red Cross. I never knew his reasons until reading these comments.

  19. As a kid during WWII I lived in Brooklyn. Across the street was a firehouse. Durring a fire on one end of the street the Redcross would set up and sell donuts and coffee to the firemen for 5ce At the other end the Salvation Army did the same for free.

  20. I was born in the Philippines. I was six years old when, in December 1941, FDR declared war against the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
    The Japanese occupied the Philippines, and most of the Filipinos evacuated to the mountains. The atrocious acts that the Japanese did to those people
    who were not able to save themselves, still remain fresh in my memories.
    Regarding criticisms of the Red Cross, they maybe true of the American National Red Cross at the time. I once worked for the Philippine National Red Cross, as a Red Cross Nurse, Negros Oriental Chapter, in Dumaguete City, Philippines. My job description
    consisted of teaching first aid and care of the sick at home; responding to disasters and distributing basic needs [ food, clothing ] and helping disaster
    victims to find temporary shelter for them; blood letting to replenish blood in the blood banks; campaign for funds; and anything that I could be of help.
    It was a most fulfilling and rewarding experience of my life. We did not sell anything; in fact we always gave to the needy. The national president of the Red Cross, and the Chapter Manager were salaried according to their job description.

  21. My 95yr old father was a WWll pilot in the Pacific, his cousin was a tailgunner in Europe. His cousin was shot down and killed over Belgium, he was a good man. Years later my husband and I were stationed in Germany, we rented the upstairs apartment in a German family’s home. They were very pleasant to us and friendly,once when we were going to Paris the husband wanted to show us pictures of when he was in Paris. It was 1944 and he pointed himself out as one of the troops marching down the Champs Elesay, and he was a good man. So there are good people on both sides that get caught up in the insanity of bad men. The one side put a stop to the tyranny but being a student of history, that is only the lesser of the evils. There are no winners in war it is destructive to all parties and is why most soldiers won’t talk about it. War is indiscriminate it brutalizes and scares all that it touches. Isaiah 2:4

  22. alexander drobny

    to the delusionals it was Nazi Germany that invaded Poland to start WW!!. Is was Nazi Germany that gassed Millions of Jews. it was Nazi Germany that invaded Russia and caused the deaths of up to 30 million Russians. Screw you mental jerks that the Allies bombed German cities. How dare anyone try then compare other wars since then to the horrific atrocities by the Germans during WW11. Just a little hint to the clueless that only Nazi Germany did all these horrific medical experiments in the name of a crazed ideology,. Get a real life jerks.

  23. The US government forced the American Red Cross to sell donuts and coffee because the English were selling them to their soldiers.
    The Red Cross serve free food to disaster victims and help them get a place to stay and clothing. All of this is free with volunteers who come to help people.

  24. The photos for the Liberation of Paris; photos #23 and #27, identify the wrong units. The 2nd Armored Div U.S. was not involved in the liberation, the 2nd Armored Div – French was the main effort. The only other major command from the U.S. was the 4th Infantry Division, photo #27 inspired the U.S. stamp #934, issued 9-28-45. The only other units directly involved in the operation were the 102nd CAV Group, 102nd CAV Squadron and the 38th CAV squadron,. which entered Paris 10 hours before the French 2nd Armor.


  26. R j AUSTON, M.D.

    Wars are all political fought by innocent patriots. All politicians should be required to be veterans. I have served and don’t recommend the war experience and neither would they.

  27. Picture #8 reminds me at what we see today on TV…. SA are similar to ANTIFA in the USA. Funny how they claim they are anti fascism but they are close to what the Nazi party, and they behave accordingly. Not trying to bring politics into this but this is a reminder that history can repeat itself if we don’t remember what started the whole Nazi movement. I grew up in Europe during the cold war and spend alot of time in the former Eastern Europe (behind the wall or fence) and it is scary to see these pictures and then watch the news with current events… My mother lost 3 brethren to the Nazi and later the Russians. She is still alive and is horrified to see the parallels of today with the past documented in these pictures.

  28. What I have learned from both Democrats and Republicans in my 70 years is they can not be trusted.Our Wars have killed many for the freedoms we are going to lose in our future because it all comes down to Money.Whos turn is it next?

  29. My father served on the USS sub Toro . I heard a lot of stories esp powder eggs which he used catchup to help with the smell and taste.