30 Classic Photos That Only Adults Will Understand

“Jungle Pam” Hardy, sweetheart of the dragstrip

When “Jungle Jim” Lieberman, drag racing’s top showman, spotted young Pam Hardy in West Chester, Pennsylvania, he knew he had to find a place for her on his team. It was 1972, Pam was just about to graduate from high school and she knew nothing about the sport of drag racing. Liberman didn’t care; he and his crew could show her the ropes — Liberman saw a star quality in her figure, spirit and beaming smile and those are things you can’t teach. Much to the delight of race fans, “Jungle Pam” was soon a regular presence on the track, helping Liberman’s team care for his Chevy funny car. Clad in tight tops and cutoff jean shorts (today known as “Daisy Dukes”), she was just the eye-catching asset Jungle Jim had wanted, cementing his reputation as the most entertaining racer in the sport.

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4 thoughts on “30 Classic Photos That Only Adults Will Understand”

  1. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t add Johnny Cash in there, but I certainly enjoyed the pictures and the stories. Thank you.