28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See

These photos of JFK’s assassination taken just before, during, and after the event provide a new perspective on this historic tragedy.

Texas Governor John Connally and his wife (front) sit with President and Mrs. Kennedy in their limousine just minutes before the assassination took place.

Victor Hugo King/Library of Congress

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19 thoughts on “28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See”

  1. It’s so sad that President Kennedy was killed in the prime of his life. He had such a promising future as the youngest President; then to be cut down so savagely; it’s just a nightmare. Then his brother Robert Kennedy; then his son who died in a plane crash. How much more can that family bear? What is this world coming to when you can’t even walk down the street or drive your car for fear there is someone out there aiming a rifle at your head. It’s really a terrifying situation. There should be stricter gun control laws to perhaps lessen the occurrences of these random assassinations!

  2. A woman reacts to the news of the president’s death on the streets of New York.

    Too bad it isn’t the current one in the White House right now.

  3. The Warren Report has yet to be released, even years after it was to be declassified and able to be released under the FOIA. What’s to hide? Probably that Johnson had him assassinated. The so-called facts were bullshit. The bullet that hit JFK in the head was smaller in caliber than the ones fired from the Italian Carcano that Oswald used. Plus its trajectory showed that it couldn’t have come from the book depository. All lies to cover up a devious scheme.

  4. I think that it is photo three that has a guy holding down accute littke boy.Now,that’s how you do it!,You get their upper halfs totally immobile.
    I never realized how many cute kids where at the parade.

  5. if lee killed the president did the bulit match the rifal were there fingerprints on the gun and bullit shells. i have a video of the shot that killed kennedy aand wasent his rifal its on youtube.

  6. Certainly a day of extraordinary infamy.

    There was a Senate Commission, think about 5 years later, that delved into the assassination and it concluded it was likely a conspiracy involving more than Oswald as the Warren Commission originally concluded and the 2nd Commission (think it was the McClellan Commission but memory is a tad fuzzy) recommended a full scale Senate/Department of Justice investigation but nothing was ever pursued and was obviously dropped.

    Seems Deep State was in existence back then as well is the only reason a rational person can conclude and they didn’t want the complete truth to be known.

    I’ll never forget that day of infamy ……….. I was quite young, walking on 34th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue in Manhattan and seeing grown men and women crying and screaming their grief is a sight and sound that never will leave my mind and memory.

  7. Sameera V Thurmond

    I was 22 years of age and was on my job in an office when I heard of the assassination. I jumped up and ran out of the office all the way home—literally. To this day and year. whenever I see replays of the assassination, I cry all over again.

  8. It’s so strange that traffic was going normally on the road where, just an hour or so earlier, a President had been shot!! The picture from the Sixth Floor of the book depository is eerie. Of course, nowadays, ALL of Dealey Plaza would have been closed off to auto and foot traffic while the police, Secret Service and FBI would have been swarming all over that area.

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