28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See

There have been countless books, TV shows and movies made in the intervening five or so decades about this exact moment of time. The images captured on November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, both tragic and iconic, would sear themselves into the American psyche.

Whether you agreed with the findings of the Warren Commission or you’re part of the 61% who still believe there was some grand conspiracy afoot, the photos presented here give us a window into a day in American history that would change the country and culture forever.

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady  Jacqueline, Texas Governor John Connally and his wife Nellie relax in the presidential  limousine as it slowly makes its way through the cheering crowds of Dealey Plaza. One last smile for the camera, oblivious to the part they’re about to play in American history.

Victor Hugo King/Library of Congress

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77 thoughts on “28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See”

  1. It’s so sad that President Kennedy was killed in the prime of his life. He had such a promising future as the youngest President; then to be cut down so savagely; it’s just a nightmare. Then his brother Robert Kennedy; then his son who died in a plane crash. How much more can that family bear? What is this world coming to when you can’t even walk down the street or drive your car for fear there is someone out there aiming a rifle at your head. It’s really a terrifying situation. There should be stricter gun control laws to perhaps lessen the occurrences of these random assassinations!

      1. Frank Henderson

        same-o, same-o NRA talking point…some people just shouldn’t have guns…it has nothing to with the 2nd amendment…they’re just unstable enough to do something stupid…I hope Jay doesn’t live to regret his opinion. Frank

      2. Yes, but if there were no guns, then there is no trigger to pull. If you are not hunting then there is no need for high power rifles and there is no need for automatic weapons for anyone. Our forefathers had not idea that the future would produce these killing machines’

        1. And if the public had no guns, all of the thieves, murderers, etc would still have theirs and we couldn’t protect ourselves. If someone is already doing illegals things, do you think they’d think twice about getting a gun??

      3. Well, yes, oc course, but there are many people who should not have a gun in their possession. Stricter gun control is the answer. NO ONE is trying to take away your 2nd amendment rights, as Trump would have you believe. All those of us with common sense want is sensible gun reform to take guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. Period.

      4. Can’t pull the trigger if you can’t get your hands on the gun. My father was shot so trust me I have seen the devastation to the family up close

    1. I think it already illegal to shoot a guy in the head. But we should keep an eye on the hammers people might start hammering others to death

    2. Assassinations are not random, they are planned. Gun control would not have stopped this. You sound quite naive.

    3. Bubbles Brown, it was very sad. Gun control isn’t the issue. People will always be able to get guns, look at all the illegal guns out there today, but you have to realize that guns don’t kill, people do. Maybe we should do a better job of helping the mentally ill and that would be more beneficial and a better use of our time and money. It is too easy to get illegal weapons, and those are the ones that do the most harm. Just a thought. But my gun is legal and I haven’t used it for nefarious means yet, (I’m 64 and disabled so not likely to do anything) although I have thought a couple of times about using them on my kids exes and one current spouse. But I want the fun of beating them with it, not the easy way of shooting them. Jk, well sort of, not really, just a joke, ok, more info a dream.

  2. A woman reacts to the news of the president’s death on the streets of New York.

    Too bad it isn’t the current one in the White House right now.

    1. You unamerican asshole to wish any President shot. Right or wrong he is the President. At least he is not one of the Senators who don’t have a clue what is going on in the country. All they care is staying in the Senate, giving themselves a raise while Americans suffer. They will take in all these immigrants and give them everything. What about our vets and their families needs. Take care of the Veterans and their families first. After all if it weren’t for them assholes like you would not have freedom of speech. So Irish stick that up your ass.

      1. Yeah but if people didn’t have a gun then people couldn’t kill people with a gun they will have to find other means if they like killing.

    2. Why would anyone say this about another person. I disliked Obama and several others that I can think of but I would not wish this on them or the aftermath on their families. You need to think before you type or put words in your mouth. Think how your family might feel if this was being said about you or one of your loved ones.

    3. How can you wish death on someone that you really don’t know except what the media wants you to believe! Shame on you for wishing death on someone just because!

    4. The REAL danger in this country is ignorant, blind & deaf people like YOU IRISH. Some just can’t see the light in front of their face

    5. Unbelievable
      You would wish harm on another person, let alone our president.
      It is hate like this that I have experienced these past three years that made me change my party.
      Shame on all who think like this.
      God Bless America and our current President

    6. Based upon such a low-life comment, I would surmise that you have little formal education; exist in a perpetual state of anger and unhappiness; blame others for your faults and lot in life; and, are happy only when you can breed ignorance.

      When it comes to people like you, it is more productive to just walk away and let you be wrong, than waste time trying to argue some common sense into you. Good riddance to you and your miserable life.

  3. The Warren Report has yet to be released, even years after it was to be declassified and able to be released under the FOIA. What’s to hide? Probably that Johnson had him assassinated. The so-called facts were bullshit. The bullet that hit JFK in the head was smaller in caliber than the ones fired from the Italian Carcano that Oswald used. Plus its trajectory showed that it couldn’t have come from the book depository. All lies to cover up a devious scheme.

    1. Christopher Andrew Hull

      Johnson did not have him assassinated. It was a coup. Johnson definitely went along with it, and knew it was going to happen, but he was not the head. That was the CIA working with the MIC and Mafia. Kennedy was upsetting the apple cart and RFK was getting “too honest” and had to go as AG. I almost feel sorry for Johnson. He thought he’d do Civil Rights, The Great Society and go down in History bigger than FDR. Then the MIC destroyed the soul of our country in Vietnam. I think, since that time, Presidents have had ever less power to the point to where today they are little more than spokesmodels for whichever part of the Deep State is currently in control.

    2. Thomas j Kurdziel

      please john. if you don’t believe the Warren report that’s you’re right, but don’t say it was never released because i skimmed over it when it came out. Also, all shots were from Oswald same caliber. I think other people knew john but as to who fired the shots?, it was one man period…..

  4. I think that it is photo three that has a guy holding down accute littke boy.Now,that’s how you do it!,You get their upper halfs totally immobile.
    I never realized how many cute kids where at the parade.

  5. if lee killed the president did the bulit match the rifal were there fingerprints on the gun and bullit shells. i have a video of the shot that killed kennedy aand wasent his rifal its on youtube.

    1. People! If you are going to comment on a public article, PLEASE learn how to spell and punctuate! Your opinions will be disregarded if you show your ignorance.

  6. Certainly a day of extraordinary infamy.

    There was a Senate Commission, think about 5 years later, that delved into the assassination and it concluded it was likely a conspiracy involving more than Oswald as the Warren Commission originally concluded and the 2nd Commission (think it was the McClellan Commission but memory is a tad fuzzy) recommended a full scale Senate/Department of Justice investigation but nothing was ever pursued and was obviously dropped.

    Seems Deep State was in existence back then as well is the only reason a rational person can conclude and they didn’t want the complete truth to be known.

    I’ll never forget that day of infamy ……….. I was quite young, walking on 34th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue in Manhattan and seeing grown men and women crying and screaming their grief is a sight and sound that never will leave my mind and memory.

    1. I was in the 3rd grade when President Kennedy was assassinated. I vividly remember the school day ending early, and the teachers crying. I remember Oswald being shot on live TV. What I subsequently learned as an adult, the Warren commission was a whitewash, President Kennedy was elected with Mafia help, and later shot for reneging on the deal to get the law off their backs. He not only didn’t do that, he sicked his brother, Bobby the Attorney general on the mob. Both Oswald and Ruby had ties to the New Orleans Mafia. Jack Ruby was already a dead man walking, he had terminal cancer. Damn right it was a conspiracy.

    1. We will always remember where we were, what we were doing and how we reacted to this horrible news. I can’t remember what happened to Jack Ruby, is he still alive?

  7. Sameera V Thurmond

    I was 22 years of age and was on my job in an office when I heard of the assassination. I jumped up and ran out of the office all the way home—literally. To this day and year. whenever I see replays of the assassination, I cry all over again.

  8. Don’t believe it, Frank, that the truth will never be known. We’ve all been told that by the media that the deep state perpetrators own & control just to hopefully prevent us from inquiring further. Enough facts are already known, albeit many have taken a long time to surface as insiders afraid for their lives only allowed their personal knowledge of events be revealed upon their deaths. So many witnesses and others with knowledge had been murdered for speaking up. So the near-complete truth is already out there. But it’s rarely in one place. You have to be dedicated, and read & dig ’til there’s no more to be learned at the present time, then keep checking back. To complicate things, the CIA started manufacturing, planting, & publishing wild conspiracy theories to make legitimate researchers appear to be wacko “conspiracy theorists” — a term the CIA itself coined to discredit researchers when the path of complicity started leading directly to the CIA. The CIA was certainly involved in the planning & execution, as photos of CIA agent extraordinaire Ed Lansdale is seen in photos on the scene in Dallas. An expert at staging false flags for the US Military-Industrial Complex (see Suite 8F Group) with the Philippines already under his belt, he would move on to staging terrorist acts in North Vietnam to cause the mass movement of people from North to South Vietnam via US aircraft carriers. These folks who had been on their land for centuries were forced to flee, conveniently aided by the CIA’s commandeering of the US Navy, then dumped & abandoned on the people of South Vietnam, who had ALSO been on their land for centuries. Ed Lansdale was a master, and he has been positively identified in photos around the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the assassination by no other than Col. Fletcher Prouty, who shared an office with him for years at the CIA station in South Vietnam, where Lansdale was Station Chief. Col. Prouty’s book, “JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy” is an easy yet compelling and important read that provides the details. But the CIA only acted on orders. Of course LBJ knew beforehand (see the Youtube interview with his longtime mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown (& mother of his son, Stephen) regarding the “party” at Texas oilman Murchison’s ranch the night before the assassination, attended also by J Edgar Hoover & Richard Nixon.) He had to be actively calling for it among the right people as he was about to be indicted for high crimes and dropped from the re-election ticket, all of which evaporated when President Kennedy was murdered & Johnson took over, just as the war in Vietnam immediately escalated, after Kennedy had informed the Joint Chiefs in NSAM 237 that the Vietnam War would not continue in any way, shape, or form after his re-election. So the Federal Reserve Bankers — most notably the major shareholders of this privately-owned for-profit Bank, the Rothschilds & Rockefellers who stood to gain ENORMOUSLY by funding the expected escalation of the war, OK’d the hit. There’s much more, of course, and it all adds up to the guilt of parties hereto mentioned, in my learned opinion. The catch that just may make you shit your pants: They’re the ones still in control today & behind the movement to convince you to give up your God-given 2nd Amendment Rights to be able to defend yourself and your Country from the likes of THEM.

  9. Picture #11 was taken during the shooting when JFK is clutching his throat. The Texas Schoolbook Depository is in the background. Check out the man standing in the doorway of that building. Looks very much like Oswald. If it’s him, then he didn’t do the shooting.

  10. It’s so strange that traffic was going normally on the road where, just an hour or so earlier, a President had been shot!! The picture from the Sixth Floor of the book depository is eerie. Of course, nowadays, ALL of Dealey Plaza would have been closed off to auto and foot traffic while the police, Secret Service and FBI would have been swarming all over that area.


  12. I am a 85 year old man that believed that the Kennedy era was one of great moments based on the belief that the country had in the Kennedy approach to governing our country. It was very sad that someone(s) had such an awful opposite feeling about our President that they would take such an action that was taken whether it was Lee Harvey Oswald or someone representing such a reprehensible action. Having lived the lifetime that I have, I pray that such action will not recur in however many more years that the Lord will allow me.


  14. If I’m the only one who doesn’t think this was set up from the start is so obviously blind to simple ballistic reports. The government can hide everything but the simple fact is you cannot make the facts match up to evidence.

  15. The time that JFK Kennedy got , assassinated police station all the police officers and everybody that was there were happy to kill the president and all the men that were, were joking about the assassination and of the man holding the rifle in the air they all were Crooks all wanted to get a piece of the action to Assassin Jeff Kennedy. Why Father’s friend old him and those dates of JFK Kennedy and all those that wanted to plot to kill the president


  16. There`s a photo missing,, that`s not the rifle that was taken from the Book Depository,,,, There`s one photo that was taken of a Police officer as he carried the rifle to the police car in front of the Book Depository,,, anybody who has a copy of this photo, look at it closely

  17. Killing shot to the head came from excited Secret Service by accident.
    The 2 shooters concept is correct.
    He betrayed MAFIA and Labor unions.

    Let’s take cars and motorcycles away since more people get killed by them every year than cars

    Move to mid-west and you don’t worry about being mugged or killed for few $$.
    Move to heavily black population area, your safety is out the door.

    Recently moved to mid-west from Washington, DC.
    Awesome to be out walking late at night with no fear.

  18. Kennedy as any president had many enemies. Cuba’s Castro, Italian mafia, to name a couple of potential assassins. I believe the death shot the second shot came from the front, a head shot that blew out back of president’s skull.