24 Creepy Photos From History’s Weirdest Beauty Contests

The thirties were a strange decade. The Great Depression had a huge impact on the global economy. However, even when the situation of most people was miserable and most countries were on the verge of another World War, some came up with interesting activities to cheer everybody up, but to be honest, I’m not that sure they succeeded.
Anyways, this was the time of beauty pageants, but not as we know them today.

Miss Lovely Eyes – the 1930s

Miss Lovely Eyes, as you can imagine, was a contest to see who had the most beautiful eyes. However, in their efforts to be trustworthy and righteous, they thought the best way to objectively judge that was by concealing the rest of the face, so the judges wouldn’t be biased by the participants’ features. As a result, you have images like this one, with women wearing extremely disturbing masks. The success of this pageant was such that they were even thinking about focusing on other features of the face, like the ears or nose.

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