23 Terrifying Photos Showing The Bloodiest Parts of the Civil War

The first large-scale American conflict to occur after the invention of the photograph, the Civil War was left behind some very interesting and grim photographic records. Civil War photos show both the Union and Confederate sides of the battle, and both look very similar. America’s Civil War pitted state against state and brother against brother in a conflict that the bloodiest in America’s entire history. Much of that bloodshed is visible in the photos below, taken in the aftermath of major battles that shaped our country forever.

Where Civil War paintings focused more on the feelings of the events, photography allowed for more immediate moments. Photos show valiant soldiers manning their positions and doing their duties on both land and sea. They used powerful weapons like the maxim gun and mortars that previous generations would never have been able to dream of, and that took a terrible toll on our nation. If you want to see more, check out the photos below.

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