21 Shocking Photos from Our Weird Past

Teaching children to swim in the River Thames in 1906.

Everyone’s been on the receiving end of the ol’ “you’ll either learn to swim or drown trying.” Even though modern parents might think this looks like something that Child Protective Services needs to know about, but it’s really just the best way to learn how to survive in the water. At the very least the dads in this photo are keeping their kids safe ropes tied around their waists.

Learning to swim in front of a bunch of boaters out for the weekend can’t be easy, but it’s not a bad idea. After all, who wants to be embarrassed in front of a bunch of strangers because they can’t swim?

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3 thoughts on “21 Shocking Photos from Our Weird Past”

  1. The Russians did this and we are to feel bad for the Germans who did worse to the Russians when they invaded Russia and the 6 million Jews they starved and murdered. Oh Those poor Nazis………….

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