20 Women Unforgettable for Their Beauty

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Catherine Bach holding on to a building for support, look closely at her feet…

Read ahead where we reveal how she called the show creators “demeaning” and came up with the idea of those famous jean shorts for her character!

Daisy Duke’s cutoff jean short shorts are iconic. It’s impossible to talk about the Dukes of Hazzard without mentioning them, but according to Catherine Bach those incredibly important shorts almost never existed.

Before the series went into production Bach was told that her character would be parading around Hazzard County in a series of poodle skirts and go-go boots. It’s definitely a look, but not the look that Bach thought would work. She told In Style:

[The creators] wanted me to wear a poodle skirt that matched the tablecloth. I said, ‘You want me to match the tablecloth? That’s demeaning to women.’ I had go-go boots, a white turtleneck and a blonde wig because the creator loved Dolly Parton. I thought, ‘We need a costume change.’ So I got my jean shorts that I could never get even, with cowboy boots and a little top … They loved it.

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    Liz Montgomery , Jane Fonda , Vivien Leigh , B. Bardot , Dawn Wells Liz Taylor . In that order .